WGGC "Members Only"

Call to Artists
WGGC Exhibition at
Fitton Center for Creative Arts, 2017
Theme: Crossing Over

Submissions due at Guild House: June 16, 2017
Installation: July 2017
Exhibit: August - September 2017

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Last year the guild exhibitions committee submitted a proposal to the Fitton Center for Creative Arts, Hamilton, Ohio, for a 2017 exhibit by our members. In January we learned that the Fitton's selection committee had accepted our proposal. Our show will be installed in July and will open in August and close in September.

As with past external exhibitions, this show will give the guild ample public exposure. The invitation is a significant honor from a venue with a reputation for excellence. Artworks chosen for display will adhere to high standards of creativity, skill, aesthetics, and relevance to the theme. Each member is encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to use her/his expertise and imagination to explore, to expand, and perhaps to refine a favorite technique and/or medium. The show will include objects considered fine art or fine craft or both.

The theme-and-title for our exhibit is Crossing Over. This theme will also apply to the work of two solo artists exhibiting concurrently in the other Fitton Center galleries: Eileen Woods and Eun-Kyung Suh.

Here are the details for submissions:
  1. All artworks must have been created within the last five years (2012 or later) and must not have been exhibited at the Fitton Center for Creative Arts.
  2. There is no limit on the number of submissions.
  3. You may use any fiber technique(s).
  4. Each artwork must be delivered in "hangable" or "displayable" condition. The Fitton Center can exhibit works on gallery walls and in display cases. Objects can be suspended from the ceiling. Three-dimensional floor works may be submitted. Each quilt or wall-hanging must have a rod or a slat (concealed from front view) with holes or eyehooks on the ends. Rug-hooked pieces may require both top and bottom slats or rods to prevent turning in.
  5. The body of submitted artworks will be juried/curated to ensure the best possible exhibit.
  6. The Fitton Center for Creative Arts retains a 30% commission for every artwork sold during the exhibition.
  7. All submissions must be delivered to the guild house no later than June 16, 2017.
  8. Each exhibitor must be a member in good standing. Dues for the 2017-2018 guild year must be paid prior to making submissions for this exhibit.
  9. Site-specific installations are invited. Please submit a proposal to the exhibitions committee no later than March 31, 2017.
NOTE: The exhibit theme is very broad and can apply to almost everything we do or could make. To assist you in your creative process, here are some possible interpretations for "crossing over":

  • Transformation or change (changing from one form to another; metamorphosis; changing an attitude or philosophy; transforming one fiber or fabric form into a finished product)
  • Intersections (literal "crossings" of fibers or yarns or fabric [weaving, knitting, felting, thread painting, collage, etc.]; of people; of ideas; of roads or paths)
  • Passages (personal life transitions; rites of passage; physical passages)
  • Crossing a border or boundary or geographic feature or threshold (bridge between or bridge over; travel experiences; crossing the finish line for a challenge)
  • Differences (between or among several languages; several cultures; multiple fiber techniques; several mediums or colorways)
  • Moving from one realm to another (reality to fantasy; life to death; youth to maturity; work life to retirement; one format for telling a story to another, such as oral history to written work, or a family history onto fabric; changing locations or jobs)
  • Physical appearance (changing personal appearance, as in crossing over from domestic garb to party dress, or adding a hat or jewelry to an outfit; public versus private appearances; alterations of facial features using makeup; cross-dressing)
  • Cross shape (Xs, plus signs, etc.)
Please direct any questions to Barbara Moss, Exhibitions Committee Chairperson.