First Annual WGGC Summer Day Camp
June 2014

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Resin Pendant - 10:00am-12noon Select from a variety of cool paper to cut and collage and add other interesting bits of this and that. Add some glitter if you like sparkly. Learn how to set and protect your creation in a pendant bezel using two part epoxy resin. Instructor will provide a selection of paper and other items to use but feel free to bring your own. Keep it small though. The epoxy takes 48 hours to cure so bring a cardboard or something stable to carry it home. I use a box lid or a shallow plastic container lined with wax paper.

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Free Woven "Mug Rug" - 10:00am-12noon Create a free woven "mug rug" on a cardboard loom using scrap yarns and a needle. Have fun! Experiment with color and textures; there are no mistakes. Cardboard with warp will be provided. Bring a yarn needle, scissors and interesting scrap yarns to share. Optional-bring a crochet hook, size "G" or larger. Finished rug will be about 5"x5".

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1-2-3 Indigo Dye Pot - 1:00pm-3:00pm An ancient dye, INDIGO has been used around the world for many millennia. The unique blue color is associated with blue jeans today. In other times, it was the one dye that could be used for silk, wool AND cotton!! Indigo has been used to great effect with folding techniques like shibori. We'll make a pot of SUSTAINABLE INDIGO using the 1-2-3 method made famous by Michel Garcia. Bring some (1-2 cups) of fruit "material" - eat the fruit, then bring the rest, like rinds and cores. Melons, apple, peaches work well. And, bring something small to dye, like 2 ounces of yarn or a fat quarter of yardage. We'll make a pot of indigo and do some dipping.

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Weaving on a Box - 1:00pm-4:00pm Using a box as a loom you will learn to prepare, warp and weave on the box to have a one of a kind container ready for felting and embellishment. Materials fee includes prepared box, warp, weft and fleece locks. Materials to bring: scissors and you may also choose to bring yarns if you have a specific color combination in mind.

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Tie-Dye T-Shirt - 3:00pm-5:00pm After soaking the t-shirt in a solution of soda ash we will roll it up, choose dyes and create a swirled t-shirt design. We will use procion dyes in order to end up with a brightly colored design that will not fade with multiple washings. Bring a white, 100% cotton t-shirt and one other light colored, small item to dye. Suggestions are fabric (a fat quarter), an old shirt to over-dye, a camisole, a silk scarf or a pair of socks (mostly cotton). All fabrics should be 100% cotton or silk.

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