2018/2019 Workshops

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The WGGC Program Committee reserves the right to change the standard workshop fees based on the instructor, costs and hours. Workshop details for members are also published in The Weaverbird newsletter and the Weaverbird Update. All workshops will be held at the Guild House unless otherwise noted.
Date Workshop Presenter Workshop Chair Workshop Hostess
January 16, 17, & 18, 2018
Putting Color on Silk with Neal Howard
Use Lanaset/acid dyes and several surface design techniques to apply wash fast color to commercially woven silk fabrics for visual complexity. Fold and Clamp, stencil, stamp, brush, dip, and pour dye on to finished silk scarves or cloth to incorporate into another textile project. Layer techniques and hues for striking results. The product of this workshop can be incorporated into Nuno Felting with the Liz Spear workshop in March.

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Class: Fee:$220 members/$245 non members
Materials Fee: $40

Neal Howard Toby Ganz Toby Ganz
February 20, 21 & 22, 2018
Woven Shibori on Silk with Neal Howard
Combine woven shibori, a loom controlled patterning system using temporary gathering threads, with weaving silk, the luxury four season fiber that is lightweight, luminous, soft, and strong. See how beautifully your cloth takes color using Lanaset/acid dyes that yield the highest light and wash fastness and greatest depth of shade for protein fibers, especially silk. Create woven shibori samples and /or a silk scarf. Dress your loom to create patterns with supplemental threads. Gather the threads, dye the cloth, and remove the threads., Voila! Your handwoven silk has intriguing, organic visual elements you can only achieve with woven shibori.

Skill Level: Must be able to dress loom independently. Some hand strength required. Students will dress their looms with a dummy warp prior to class. Resources for dummy warps and threading choices will be provided.

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Class Fee: $220 members / $245 non-members
Materials Fee: $40
Neal Howard Toby Ganz Toby Ganz
March 2, 3 2018
Custom Fit and Fabulous
Create a Pattern Custom Fit to You! No more one-size-fits-all, or clothes from rectangles! Participants will learn to custom fit for their Individual figures. Some simple flat pattern and drafting skills will be taught. Expect to leave with at least one finished pattern and directions to make a fabulous garment from your hand-woven, felted, or other special fabrics. Web Site, Blog

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Class: Fee:$150 members
Materials Fee: $12
Daryl Lancaster Ginny Bolte Toby Ganz
March 14, 15 & 16, 2018
Nuno-Felt: Pieces, Patches & Yardage
with Liz Spear
Try a textile technique that will bring an exciting focus to your art quilt, garment, handmade book or interior décor. Using an adapted wet-felting process, learn to combine fine silk fabrics and merino wool to make Nuno-felt, an incredibly textured and versatile material. Create pieces, patches, or yardage to incorporate into other textile projects using your personal color choices and lots of elbow grease. Folks new to felting are welcome while experienced felters can add a new approach to their toolbox. This active class requires some upper body strength and stamina and long periods of standing.

Skill Level: All welcome

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Class Fee: $220 members / $245 non-members
Materials Fee: $10
Liz Spear Ginny Bolte Toby Ganz
April 6, 7 2018
The Magic of Iridescence

Fabrics that appear to change as the angle of view changes seem almost magical. They are easier to weave, and color, yarn, and structure options are less restrictive than you may think. In this class you will work with a limited range of related warp colors and 24 weft colors to create a plain-weave sampler exploring the effects of crossing different colors. You will then select two weft colors for a second sampler incorporating twills and other variations of your choice. Weave on a four shaft loom at your own pace.

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$150 workshop fee.
Materials fee range from $18-$36 depending upon width of project chosen.
Bobbie Irwin Janice Doughtery Toby Ganz
June 7, 8 & 9, 2018
Sewing Your Handwovens with Liz Spear

Move past the bog jacket and shawl with your handwoven fabric, and learn to cut and successfully sew a jacket, shirt or vest. Adding fit and stylistic flare to our incredibly beautiful handwoven cloth requires some extra care for results you will not get with commercial fabrics. Using pre-workshop suggestions/guidelines, you'll select a pattern appropriate for your fabric. Cutting, marking, seam finishes, pressing, buttons, and linings will be demonstrated as you sew through the steps to your new handwoven garment.

Skill Level: Intermediate sewing skills needed

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Class Fee: $220 members / $245 non-members
Materials Fee: None
Liz Spear Toby Ganz Toby Ganz
June 22, 23, 24 2018
Jason Collingwood Rug Weaving Workshop

With over 30 years of experience as a professional weaver Jason has provided 1000s of rugs for corporate and individual clients the world over. He has worked with interior designers, architects and fashion houses around the globe.

Learn how to make a strong, serviceable rug in plain weave and twill. Every aspect of rug weaving will be covered from designing to warping to finishing. Students will leave with enough inspiration to design and weave a lifetime of rugs. Plan to weave samples and not a rug. This is not a beginning weaving class. Students must be able to warp and weave on a floor loom independently. Bring a pre-warped 4 shaft loom and learn to tie on with Jason's preferred method. You will need a 12' warp of 8/5 linen. Warping instructions will be will be given prior to the workshop.

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Skill: Advanced beginner to advanced.

Date To Be Announced

Class Fee: $220 members / $245 non-members
Materials Fee: TBD Will be Jason Collingwood yarn for weft
Jason Collingwood Toby Ganz Toby Ganz
July 21, 22 2018
Dye Days of Summer with Judy Dominic

Experience what the natural world around us supplies us in the way of color. Join Judy for two days of dyeing using various techniques and the abundance of the local nature scene. The workshop will be held at Judy's home to take advantage of the woods, plants, empty garage, convenient dying set up and the absence of her husband for the weekend! Dye techniques will include two methods of eco/contact dyeing, rusting, pot dyeing, and a bit of mud painting. Registrants are also welcome to soak in the hot tub after class. Workshop takes place at 10611 Marvin Road, Harrison, OH 45030.

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Workshop Fee: $150 members / TBD non-members
Materials Fee: $15
Judy Dominic Tessa Clark &bnsp;
May 2018 & November 2018

Sunday, May 6, arrive at noon,
Mon. May 7
Tues May 8, leave after lunch

Monday, November 26, arrive at 9am,
Tues. Nov. 27
Wed. Nov. 28, leave after breakfast.